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Our app is Just A Mastery Education System.

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How it works?


JAMES is found on the chrome web store and will appear in the top right corner tab once installed.


Process for JAMES will appear in the window whenever their is YouTube content and in Google Docs upon load.


a video on YouTube and locate the red JAMES speaker Icon in the bottom right of your screen. On Google Docs Youtube link are blue and once you click on the link a new blue link appers, then hover over the link and JAMES will request to desplay your video.


JAMES a question about the video content and he will take you to the point of the video believed to be most relevant to providing an answer to your question.


Great features you'll love.

Features built for active learning.

Efficient and Quick Learning

Directs you to the time point of a video related to your question speeding up the process of finding the information you need.

Concept Reinforcement

Returns you to concepts that you may have struggled to grasp the first time you watched a video.

Speech recognition

Picks up on spoken questions to search for the most relevant section of a video’s content.

Constantly Improving

Uses Tensorflow machine learning models to continually improve its ability to locate answers within a video.


Functions in both youtube and google docs with additional platforms to soon be added.


JAMES will help teachers learn about their student's mastery levels for concepts in video content.

Meet the Team.

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    Melchizedek Mashiku Founder, ML Architect, Software Engineer

    Product creator and developer

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    Michael Bowler CO-Founder, Product Manager

    Product research and writer


Questions and Answers.

What if J.A.M.ES. doesn’t understand my question or continues to take me back to the beginning of the video?

If JAMES keeps returning you to the beginning of the video, it is because JAMES is unable to properly locate a point in the video to answer your question. Reword your question first to give JAMES another chance to process and analyze the video transcript. If your questions continue to be unanswered know that JAMES is constantly learning and will continue to become more effective at referring you to the most appropriate part of a video as it is trained.

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